Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Journal 4

A major theme from chapter 12, “A question of Values”, would be embarrassment. Many parents from Mott Haven are reluctant in accepting free food from people and organizations in general. Often times mothers will come into Saint Ann’s and Katrice states that “after coming here in need of food, she says, a women is sometimes is embarrassed to accept it”(Kozol 148). This is the most important aspect of this chapter because it really illustrates that struggles that parents, prominently, mothers have to go through on a day-to-day basis. They want the world for their children and be able to provide every necessity for them but they simply can’t and this is really hard for their parents to handle mentally. Often time’s parents have mental breakdowns and start to cry when given food to feed themselves and their children. It would be hard as a parent to not be able to provide for your child and have to revive other people’s offerings in order for your child to survive, especially from day one when these parents have the hopes and dreams to get their children out of poverty and allow them to have a flourishing life. When parents think about this concept, I feel as if this is what gets to them the most.  But if they truly need these offerings and helpings they shouldn’t be ashamed to receive these necessities. 


  1. You're right: most adults would refuse to accept food or donations their way because of embarrassment. However, in situations like these, you really don't have a choice to battle life with your ego.

  2. I also agree with Zach, that even though these mothers were very ashamed to take food from others, they had no choice but to put their pride aside and provide for their children


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