Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Raddhika Naidu
English 1109.01
Mike Lohre
1st October
Journal 4
i may say chapter 12 is more specific from others because as we read the all chapters from 1 to 11, we learn different themes, events, characters and the importance of that character. every chapter has a new character.
but in chapter 12 is little different, at first the author introduced the woman who has AIDS and her children don't touch her, don't hug her. they are scared to their mother.while AIDS does not occur thought touch the AIDS patient but children don't understand it or may be they don't know it. its really very pain full to parents especially mothers when their children scare to hug them, touch them, when children stay away from their mothers. a woman cried, according to Katrice, because she said her daughter was afraid to touch her.
the author also 

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