Thursday, October 31, 2013

Journal Seven

        Kozols personal story in my opinion  influenced the book in many different ways. Kozol took different aspects from his life and related it to the children. By telling us these things he influenced how the stories of each of the children were portrayed. It showed how dedicated he actually was to the children in the different ways he helped them. For example when Kozol went and bought toys for some of the children it showed his compassion. This influenced the book because it brought life into the writing. In addition too we saw how many of the children really did struggle in their home life and school. Kozol talks about his life with the children and how he related with them. Since Kozol wrote partly in first person I believe it was a strength. It showed how little the children actually had, when he compared it to his own up bringing. Also Kozol shows how someone may handle being around such poverty and the things you can do to more benefit the children.
         The thing that struck me the most important in the last two chapters was the focus on the children and on the teachers more importantly. The teachers are a big part of these schools. Many of the children struggle with different issues at home and even in there learning experience. In the last chapter of the book Kozol shows how much the teachers really do care in what they are doing not only in the classrooms but outside them as well. Miss Dukes is a perfect example of a good teacher. Her dedication is shown when she is giving the children advice for their life even after they leave her classroom. She shows how much some of the teachers really do care about the children. When saying goodbye the children Miss Dukes says, "All right then...," the teacher says. "I love you"(313)." Miss Dukes saying I love you to the children shows the true compassion the teachers have for the children. I believe showing the compassion the teachers have for the children is very important to end the book with. Ordinary Resurrections is mostly about the children but it also about the people who help out the children the most and in many cases that is the teachers.  
           There are many different values this book shows you. Ordinary Resurrections shows you how important the children are and the things we should be thankful for in our everyday lives. It shows how getting an education may come easy to some people but others it is a struggle to do things differently like going to college. Ordinary Resurrections showed the young children going through hardships but still having positive attitudes. It is inspiring to see these children conquer many different challenges. The thing that influenced me the most in the book is the teachers and the different people that helped the children of Mott Haven. This influenced me the most because it shows that I should try to help others just as the teachers did. It is also influential because it shows how all the small acts of kindness someone can do for some means so much.



  1. It is good essay Molly! I agree that the teacher and students's connection is very important in the end of book!

  2. The teachers do show compassion at the end of the book, and that shows their connection to the children. And you are right: many do go through hardships on getting a good education.

  3. What really was amazing about Kozol was that he inserted himself in every child who struggled and when he visited the children's home. it seemed like he had families everywhere.

  4. I agree that kozol's personal story greatly influenced the book by adding the aspects from his life and relating it to the children

  5. I agree with all of you ideas in this essay and kozol is really influential as a first person through out this novel. And his relationship with the children is a contributing strength in the book.


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