Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Journal 4

In chapter 11, Details of Life, Jonathan Kozol discussed how the residents of Mott haven's reputation gets crippled all the time by the stereotypes portrayed by the media. Every chapter Kozol does a great job breaking down the struggles they take on everyday and this chapters struggle is stereotyping. The media always reports on criminal corruption in areas like the South Bronx, making suburban people hesitate to help them out. He talks about how we need to invest in the childrens future now. Being such a wealthy country, it isnt fair for these kids to be so much more underfunded then other schools in America. Kozols writing on this topic was perfectly done and helps promote help now for the kids of South Bronx


  1. I agree that it is not fair for the kids compare to others.

  2. i also agree that every child is unique and talented on their own ways. and that they should be left alone to discover and explore their passion .


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