Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Journal 4

In Question of Values (Ch.12) I think a major theme would be reluctance, or shame.  The kids whose mother has aids won't even hug or touch there mother as they think aids is a contagious disease.  Granted, they are young and do not understand fully how diseases work and such.  This also has a huge effect on the parents as well, when there kids are ashamed of them, you can only imagine how the parents must feel. A quote that I think best describes this would be on pg. 150 "Don't be embarrassed, this is for you to have".  This shows that many of the people who go to the church for food are reluctant to take food because they feel like they can give nothing in return. I think this is a normal human reaction as our sense of pride usually doesn't allow us to accept help from others, but in a case like this, there should be no doubts over receiving help when you absolutely need it.

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