Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pop Culture

A movie that has had a influence on me would be the movie Remember the Titans.  The movie teaches an incredible lesson on why you should accept others for who they are and not by the color of there skin.  The movies talks about a segregated football team who as the movie goes on learn to accept each other for who they are and become like brothers.

I think today musicians have the biggest influence on children today.  The most evident sign of this is when a famous musician starts dressing a certain way you'll notice his/her fans start dressing the same way.  The message the musician portrays in there music usually has an effect on the the children's behavior as well. The musician I think has the greatest influence on childern is Justin Beiber. Early in his career he was known as the perfect role model for kids, then as he got older he started to take on a "bad boy" image and this effected his fans greatly.  For ex, the "cut for bieber" trend that was going on on twitter.  When reports came out that Justin Beiber was doing drugs, he fans started cutting themselves and posting pictures of it on twitter to try and get his attention and get him to stop.

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  1. i like remember the titans alot, i wrote about the movie as well and it had a big impact on my life


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