Thursday, October 3, 2013

Journal 4

        I think a major theme in chapter  12 of "question of values" is the care in choice of words and the role of giving for generosity.St. anns is a predominant church that has all types of people and kids coming in any time. Most people in the community are poor and in need of charity to feed for themselves and kids. But what people dont understand is the balance of need and hesitation or between wanting and accepting. Mrs.katrice is a generous person in the church and as she meets single mothers in need of food she cares for them, but when she see's them feeling afraid to ask or accept she is astonished. And the part that caught my attention in this chapter is how families show up very late for shelter and she sees them standing outside in the cold willing to let them come in. As Mrs. katrice says, a woman sometimes is embarrassed to accept it. "I'll say, 'Dont be embarrassed. This is here for you to have" (Kozol 148). This passage is a conflicting part and it shows how caring and affectionate Mrs. Katrice is for the people in the church. It also demonstrates how people should have no doubts over recieving what they absolutely need.

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