Thursday, October 31, 2013

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English 1109.01

October, 31, 2013

                                                                Journal 7

            I think kozol’s personal story telling was amazing. His personal life and beliefs really influence the book every good way; it really help the reader understand some of the issues that the kids had. It also helps the reader understand his personal life and his personality. He was telling stories about the children in Mott Haven and their background, so it was nice to know what his personal background in the book. I don’t think his strength of writing was party weak I think I was good she use many deals that he could in the story to help us understand what was going on the book.

            The most important parts that struck me in the last two chapters were the teacher’s salary. It was unbelievable that most the teacher that lives in make that much many. I wonder if the teachers here in Ohio make that much or less then. “In the riches suburbs of New York, he starting Salaries were over 40.00. At the other extreme, for veteran teachers with advanced degrees , the highest salary they could expect to earn in New York City was a little less than $60.00 “.

            The values of reading are book Ordinary resurrections were to understand what the poor people in different places go thought. To understand there are many kids that do not have parents and they go thought thinks that we don’t go thought in life. To understand the problems that the children in Mott Haven are having in school, and also the problems that many schools and teachers are having.


  1. Nice essay! I agree that you say to understand what poor people need go through and the connection of teachers and kids.

  2. The part about the teacher's salaries was very striking. I also agree with you that many children are less fortunate than us, and have to go through more to get to even close to where we are.

  3. I felt sad that all their teachers were leaving for better salaries.

    1. it was bad because since the children knew the teacher soo well and then they leave.

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  5. The teachers salary stuck out to me as well

  6. yes, this book is really valueable where we learn about the innercity children and their lives.

  7. I agree with your values..and the teachers salary is a leading factor in chapter 23.


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