Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sports Pop Culture

For my inspirational movie I would have to say Cast Away. The reason I choose this movie is because it portrays great bravery, wisdom, and fight. If I were going through what he had to go through I dont think I could last a tenth as long as he did. In the movie he showed great bravery the whole time he was on the island and cast away in the sea on his raft, he was stranded for years. This is why i choose Cast Away.

For an icon or icons that kids look up to today I would say this falls under the sports category. At least for me as a kid and still today I look up to a lot of athletes.  an icon today i think kids look up to today is Floyd Mayweather. The reason I choose Floyd is because simply he is a class act. Floyd shows great fight in him and courage. Floyd boxing at a gym 5 doors down from him starting at the age 5 shows his hard word determination. Floyd also had a big role to follow because his dad was also very good. So to me I think Floyd Money Mayweather is an icon kids today look up to.

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