Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Journal 4

The Details of life

When Jonathan attends the school meetings he says the people rarely speak on children, and what is best for the children. Jonathan speaks of how the people at these meetings don't care about the kids, they care about " Investing in futures". The worst part of the meetings is that everyone there sees these kids as Entry Level works just because they grew up in urban schools. I believe that that alone hurts the kids the most, because they don't ever get a chance to show these people their skills.

Business leaders see these inner city children as entry level works when they graduate or maybe even before they do. When people around you have such horrible expectations for these children, you can help but to be agree when the school board don't even mention on children's name in the meeting. These officials refer to these children as "Economic Units" and do not talk about how boys who's mothers are sick and how they can help. Jonathan describes that when business minded people come to the church they see how effectively they work with these children. As Jonathan explains why he keeps coming back to visit the church and schools around new york, he says " I would say i go back for all the things that cant be calibrated by exams"? By this Jonathan means Elio's imagination and Ariel's unselfishness. Jonathan loves these kids and will fight for what these kids need. I agree with Jonathan that is ridiculous  to refer to these children as entry level job fillers. These kids have dreams and Jonathan is going to do his best to make those happen for these children.

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