Thursday, October 10, 2013

Journal Four

Amal Osman
English 1109.01
Mike Lohre
October 1, 2013                                              
Journal Four 
           The theme for chapter 12 “A Question of Value” is kindness and shame. In this chapter kozol shows the way Miss Katrice helps her community. He states the conditions and troubles the mothers of St. Ann’s go through to make sure their child survives; Even if it meant asking for help from others. She understands what all these mothers go through; she also feels the pain the mothers have, because she can relate her life to the situation.  “If a child’s mother’s using drugs, or sick, or in the hospital, or in some other trouble, and she can’t sustain, you have to take her place. You have to be the mother and grandmother. Not just for your own.  For all” (Kozol 148). She really is an angel to the children and adults of St. Ann’s. She doesn’t turn anyone away even if she’s ready to go home and is closing the kitchen. She welcomes those in need and helps them in anyway. I think Miss Katrice plays a big role in the children of St. Ann’s because they trust and depend on her.

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  1. I think Mrs katrice is a big role in the childrens lives and that all attention is on her. She also is an affectionate character in this chapter.


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