Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Joural 4

In chapter 12 "A Question of Values", I think it very important that have people to help kids in the church.  Most kids don't have their parents live with them.  The neighborhood can not provide the best educations to the kids.  The church is the warm place for the kids and there are a lot of good people in church.  I think the most important person is Miss Katrice.  In this chapter, Kozol tells the reader how Miss Katrice is the big aspect for the kids and church.  

 Kozol describes Miss Katrice in the chapter 12.  She is the biggest helper in the book.  Every kids' stories can make her crys and she is big supporter for the kids.  "The children love katrice.  They trust her judgement and her goodness and her common sense.  "their worries should be my worries," she says of the ones who have the greatest troubles in their home,  It seems an ordinary thing to say: but living your life as if this actually were so is not common as it ought to be for most of us".  Miss Katrice always provides good foods to the kids in the freezing day.  A lot of people always embarrass to ask Miss Katrice for food.  She never makes them feel awkward.  She cares about the poor people in Mott Haven.  She hopes she can helps everyone in the neighborhood.  She has her own dream and she wants own a restaurant when she was young.  She feels happy because she can cook the foods and helps the poor people.  She is a selfless woman in the book.  The children love her and always trust her.  She is very important to the kids and church in the Mott Haven.

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