Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tong Lin

Hi, My name is Tong Lin.  I am a Chinese.  My hometown is in south east China.  I moved to United States about 6 years ago.  I went to 3 different high schools.  My senior year was in Olentangy Orange High School.  I major in Accounting.  I love shopping and listening different kind musics.  I love hanging out with my friends.  My favorite food is Korean spicy food. 
This is my family.  I have one brother who is a freshman in Olentangy Orange High School.

My favorite buckeye is Huiyan Yang.  She graduated 2003 in Ohio State.  She is the majority shareholder of Country Garden Holding in China.  She is one of the wealthiest people in China.  


  1. That is cool your from South East China!

  2. Hi Tong, accounting is a good major to go into today. I hope you enjoy your time at Ohio State!

  3. That is awesome you can say your home town is south east china and i love korean food as well


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