Tuesday, August 27, 2013

 Molly Black

I am Molly Black and I am from Dublin, Ohio. I currently work at the Ohio State daycare and use to work at a frozen yogurt place for two years. I am going into Early Childhood Education. A fun fact about myself is I have been out of the country 15 times. My family likes to travel to different islands around the Caribbean every year.

My mom, my dad and my older sister all went the Ohio State. My favorite buckeye influence is my older sister Megan Black. She is a senior at the Ohio State nursing college. She is a very hard worker and I strive to be able to pick up her different study skills that she has acquired. She is a very influential person in my life and hope to be a good Buckeye like her.


  1. Great pic Mollya and thanks for writing.

  2. i love your dress i had a black one. My sister got for my birthday.)


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